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Bo, from the movie Cowboys and Jesus Comes to OFM
Author: Edward Laiz
RSS Feeds Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bo and Gina Bullock Come to Visit

Pastor Bo is a singer, song writer, actor and the director of the full length feature film, Cowboys and Jesus. Him ainnd his wife Gina came to visit us on Feb. 5th. They left behind a story that everyone took to heart. What an amazing story they told. Bo and Gina told us about Bo's fight between his faith and the devil and how he overcame that struggle. With Bo right there in front of your face today, it is amazing to even think that he was ever sick.

His story can be heard on the Ocala Farm Ministry Youtube Channel

You can find out more about Bo at on his web site at

Not only did he give us an amazing testimonial, he sang to us as well. It was like a show that came to town. You can see videos of his song that was sung here on our Youtube channel

The greatest part of their visit was that through Bo's trials, he showed us that he praised Jesus through his whole ordeal. It was incredible how his faith gave him and his wife strength to fight the devil and overcome his sickness. This is a story you want to hear. Go visit him on his site or go to the Ocala Farm Ministry Youtube channel and see his story. It is one you won't forget.

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